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F*ck Your Comfort Zone, Develop Self-Mastery (Self-Discipline)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Do you fail to show up and execute your plans and your goals? Do you tend to lean on if you feel like it, your motivation or waiting for the perfect moment?

If you're like most people, you're staying in your warm cozy bed. You're reacting on your emotions. You're waiting until you have the finances. You're praying for a different life without working for it. Your lacking impulse control. You're waiting for someone to tell you what to do, even though you probably won't follow through. You have no self-discipline.

And honestly, when you think about it... taking the time to break these habitual patterns and actually execute the knowledge you keep reading in all these self-help articles and books, you know, the ones they talk about "learning how to master you mind and emotions and create self-discipline to give you the life you want to have" this one... sounds like a dreadful task that you're not even motivated to initiate because, what's the point?

But what you don't truly understand, because you haven't taken the time to actually put this knowledge into action, is that this kind of self-mastery will change yourself and your life in unimaginable ways opening the doors to unlimited opportunities and possibilities all around you.

"In fact, self-mastery is the door to Freedom." Haley Morris

Okay, so what is this self-mastery?

Self discipline is the ability to take action REGARDLESS of your emotional state.

Self-mastery is the ability to control one's own desires or impulses.

Self mastery is when you have become so aware and conscious that you are able to make a decision in every moment that aligns with your goals and plans no matter what.

Imagine if you followed through on all of the goals, plans and good intentions you set for yourself?! What would your life be like?!

The Truth

Your plans, goals and intentions for yourself and your life will not become real until you develop the self-discipline and create the self-mastery to take every action consciously. Its the ultimate universal personal-development tool just sitting there, inside, waiting to be accessed by you.

Its legit the #1 tool in your tool box.

If you're struggling with self-discipline, you need to know that this tool can literally solve all the problems and "excuses" you claim to have on a daily basis. It can empower you to reach any desired outcome. It can eliminate lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of wellness, lack of desired relationships, disorganization, inconsistency etc.

When you combine self-discipline with goal-setting, planning and your passion, the outcomes you produce while dialing in your self-mastery will be drastically different to any other time in your life and beyond worth it!

How to become self-disciplined?

Train it.

Just like growing a skill or a muscle, the more you practice and train the better and stronger you become. The less you practice and train, the weaker you are.

You have to show up and do the work! But this also requires patience and consistency. You won't be able to play an instrument or lift 300lbs over night, you have to gradually increase your knowledge, build your skills and remain consistent until you reach your ultimate goal. You must take small actionable steps and give those steps your all to get you there.

The Hold Up

Many want to wait until someone shows them exactly how to do it and be there to hold their hand before they even take their very first steps. But this is NOT self-mastery...this is enslavement.

Break out of the common narrative that some "professor" or leader needs to tell you exactly how to get it done or you are incapable of succeeding ESPECIALLY if the professor or leader hasn't even gone through what he's teaching himself.

Take the first action, invest in yourself, read, stop spending unnecessary money, stop filling your cabinets with junk food, get out of bed when you alarm clock goes off, stop impulse buying, stop yelling, clean the closet... whatever your goal is, take the first immediate step towards that goal. And if you can't seem to do one small act and remain consistent, don't give up invest in a coach that's done it, that can hold you accountable, and train you to build momentum!

F*ck your comfort zone.

If you want self-discipline, in times of resistance, tackle your challenges head on. Tell your mind to shut up and do one small act towards your goal to prove to your mind that you're serious.

If you wanted to get up early to write your first blog post, or go to the gym, or get your mind right before the world wakes and when you open your eyes you don't even want to get out of bed... take the first step! Don't hit snooze! Get. out. of. bed.

Initiating the first step begins to break your comfort zone and patterns. It begins rewiring your neuro-pathways to support what you're doing and begins creating a ripple effect crushing the reign of internal tyranny and failure.

The more disciplined you become the easier life gets.

When you start, I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna suck. But as you exercise this muscle you will find it becomes very easy and satisfying. Not only will it become easier, but you will be able to compound new challenges and aim for higher and more rewarding goals completely transforming your life in all aspects.

You want to make goal reaching and succeeding a lifestyle! In order to do so you don't want to burn yourself out by thinking of and doing all of your goals all at once. Start with one important and time pressing goal in mind, write it down, then take a small action towards it. When in action, don't think of the huge daunting goal and tasks ahead but instead focus on the present moment and give those present moments all you've got. The small steps done well will get you closer to your end goal.

Once you have succeeded at becoming consistent in one small action/challenge and have mastered it, then you can progressively increase your actions and challenges over time to compound together and eventually hit your ultimate end goal!

Everything in life will be as you want it!

Once you've mastered yourself and your life, you will be the best version of you. You will attract everything that you are, including the environment and relationships you crave. You will have an ultimate connection to God. You will be confident in yourself, your abilities and energetic, passionate and happy. You will be free. And NOTHING is better than that.

What are you waiting for? Act now.

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