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Your Outside World Is Reflecting Your Internal Struggles

Many come to me wanting to lose weight, get stronger, develop discipline, and change their lifestyle so they can feel better. And many want these results in unrealistic timelines, using shortcuts and short-term strategies like fat burners, macro counting, trend diets, fitness challenges etc.

But from the years of biohacking myself and training others, I have found there is always something deeper inside that is ultimately begging to be healed.

We are spiritual beings reflecting in a physical world.

The weight gain manifested to protect yourself.

The extreme weight loss came from stress or lack of self-worth.

The addiction manifested to fill the emptiness and pain.

The broken relationships came from past betrayal, lack of safety and conditional love.

The uncontrollable emotions stem from anger and the anger stems from hurt that has been unhealed or unwanted social pressure or worse. Etc.

See the thing is, there are no shortcuts to emotional, physical and spiritual freedom.

You can deceive yourself into “health” with all the diet trends and macro counting.

You can feel a bit better, and cover internal pain by pushing through a workout, working to get stronger and see physical progression.

You can hide the addictions and eating disorders.

You can ignore the past and present relationship issues.

You can withhold your love so you never get hurt again.

You can push to live up to what everyone else sees as successful even though your stressed out and miserable as f*ck.

AND you can continue living in the endless cycle and never heal.

Wouldn’t you rather heal?

Wouldn’t you rather transform?

Wouldn’t you rather feel freedom?

3 Ways to Begin Healing Your Internal

1. Sit with God & Journal

It’s time to stop filling yourself with outside fillers and begin listening to your internal world. Quiet down, breathe deep, listen and feel what is rising up, cry it out, write it down. Take the time to begin healing yourself and get present with who YOU are and who YOU want to be.

2. Be Grateful

So much of the small things we take for granted because we are consistently seeking to “level up” or “be our best self” by only serving ourselves, when really all we need is so simple and already being given to us. Learn to be aware of the good that is happening to you and all around you. Learn to be grateful for the smallest acts of kindness and having the simple necessities of life.

3. Stop Comparing & Focus on You

The worst thing we can do to ourselves is look at other people's lives (especially on social platforms) and compare ours to theirs. We know nothing about their story, their current lifestyle or things they are hiding, etc.

Focus on YOU. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Zone in on your life, your family, your surroundings and do what you can do to make the best decisions for yourself and positively impact those around you.

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