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Who Is Your Master?

The closer I understand and grow closer to Jesus, the more my perception of daily life changes.

Money becomes a tool instead of a means for wealth.

Excess material goods become unnecessary and a hindrance.

Overworking seems to be an addiction in process for MORE.

Overeating, over exercising, over consumption of entertainment all seem to be a filler for the lack of love, present moments and the connection of God.

I no longer view the world as a means of material and monetary success...

But yet I view it in a way that makes me want to live simpler. To be immersed in the beauty of God. Through nature, through people, through celebration, through communion with others on a deeper level.

To raise my children in less of a hurry, but thinking of the long term person I am creating in the process of intentional, loving discipline.

It's such a weird way to think in these times.

It's such a weird thing to fully process.

To remove your mind from the programming of the world and come back to the love and connection of God.

It's no longer about ME and my success or riches or selfishness of time.

It's about Him and the lifestyle he laid for us.

In the end... what we all want is peace.

More time with those we love.

More laughter.

More joy.

More memories.

We are SOLD this psychology through marketing and advertisement on a daily basis, claiming that if we buy this or that, or do this or that... THEN we will have more time, peace, connection, happiness.

This lie has us in a perpetual slave loop, creating more work, burden and stress on us while sacrificing God, our families and our connection in the process.

Our only way out is to listen to Jesus and the way he told us to live.

Is it a bit scary to give it all away?

Sure is and he even said it would be in Matthew 19:23

"Then Jesus said to his disciples, “I tell you the truth, it is very hard for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

But the thing is... in order to serve God fully, we must leave the way of the world (hurry, lust and perpetual consumption) and follow Him.

"No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money."

Matthew 6:24

I think it's time we all begin to choose which master we will serve.

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