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Watch What You Say! How Language Predicts Your Success.

When it comes to your health and having the lifestyle you want, everything counts!

Your mindset matters, your diet matters, your movement matters, your routine matters, your sleep matters...even what you speak matters.

Have you thought about it? Your speech and how it affects with your wellbeing?

You probably haven't. I don't know many who talk about it at least.

But it's for sure something you should begin thinking about and working to change.

Our personal language determines our personal world view, how we see the world, how we see ourself, and even how we act and react. Whatever we think, speak and write impacts us and those around us. Even our thoughts about our past, our present and future. The thoughts and words in our own minds, who and what we listen to... it can all alter our life and even predict if you are going to be wealthy, healthy, fit..."enter success here".

Think about it. Let's start with the words "can" and "can't".

Can't wasn't allowed growing up in my family, and it isn't allowed in my home or in my coaching practice either. "Can't" implies that something isn't impossible - though haven't you heard that impossible claims that even it is, in fact, possible? I'mPossible.

Can't shuts off your brain to the possibilities to solve an issue, to figure something out, to achieve something great. Truth is, it's not that you can''s that you're lazy and won't.

Can opens your mind up. It allows your mind to work and find a solution. Can helps you conquer something challenging. Can opens you up to give it your best shot.

Do you see the difference?

Can't implies you won't even get started.

Can figures out a way.

Can't is where most people live on a daily basis. And because most people live there, they also try to pull other people to live there to by doubting their abilities to do or achieve something. By telling them that they can't or won't or laugh/mock at their efforts.

Don't tell yourself you can't, others they can't, AND def do not allow anyone else to place a capability cap on top of you.

SO like I was saying...

The way we speak affects our full wellbeing and our life. Our mind, our relationships, our money, our goal achievements, our careers, our family, our quality of existence... every. single. thing.

Think about these phrases below. Which ones sound like a more defined goal that creates solvability or steps to action? Which ones are more likely to result in living the lifestyle we actually want? I highlighted the key words that you should watch for when you are speaking.

1. “I choose to eat better because I want to feel energetic and live a long, healthy life.”

“I should stop drinking wine after work. It just ends up on my belly as a muffin top.”

“Should” places you in a situation where the outside influence (wine, bread, skipping workouts, friends, family, whatever) has power over you. “Choose” places the accountability and control upon you. “Should” puts the desired task into some nebulous future place. “Choose” places you in the driver’s seat and compels your mind to address it now, not in some distant nebulous future.

2. "I will find ways to make more money."

"I need to make more money."

"Need" implies that you don't have enough money and cuts off any capability of finding ways to make money due to not having defined goals and also not using an actionable phrase like "will" to begin solving the solution of wanting more money.

3. "I will try to make it in the gym today to workout."

"I will make time to get to the gym today and workout."

"Will Try" places you into situations of again, outside influences. You are not sure you are going to make it there. You haven't allotted a time-space for it. It's out of your hands and your control.

"Will Make" time places control back into your hands. You WILL find the time to get it done.

4. "I am sorry for speaking to you that way."

"I am sorry for speaking to you that way, I will make sure it doesn't happen again."

In relationships, I'm sorry doesn't change the action.

If you want change, speak and write WHAT you are sorry for, that you'll make sure it doesn't happen again and maybe even how you'll be sure it doesn't. For an example;

"I'm sorry for speaking to you that way, I will make sure it won't happen again by taking a deep breath and thinking about why I am wanting to react in anger before I speak."

Actions speak louder than words. Just saying you are sorry doesn't solve the problem you are sorry about- create actionable steps.

5. "I want to be able to achieve that goal but (enter excuse here)"

"I want to be able to achieve that goal, how (enter ways to begin here)"

"But" automatically puts you out of control and cuts off action and power to achieve said desired goals. THERE IS NO ACTION IN ANY EXCUSE.

If you want to achieve something, claim it, write it down and leave it at that. Don't shut your mind down to ideas and steps to make it happen by using the word "but" and continuing on running your mouth with blabber." You either want it, or you don't.

6. "I hate Mondays"

"I'm happy to be alive and able to make an impact today."

Change your mindset, change your perception, change your Monday's, change your life.

Get the point?

I could go into all the studies about this stuff here... but come on. If you really wanted to know, you could do that research yourself.

Make shit happen by paying attention to your thoughts, words and actions.


Coach Haley Morris

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