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Top 6 Reasons You Quit

People quit.


Especially in today's world where commitment to anything has become obsolete. It's not unlikely for people who gravitate to mini diet challenges and workouts to also gravitate to other temporary and unfulfilling experiences in their life, instead of laying a strong foundation that brings unbelievable success. Most just don't have the grit or drive. And if this sounds like you...guess what... YOU CAN CHANGE THAT.

Why You Quit

1. You don't have a strong enough why

Comfort is the killer of all goals and dreams and if you don't have a strong enough "Why" to make the change to your life, you won't even begin and if you do out of shear motivation, you will quit with-in months.

It doesn't matter what your goal is in life, health, fitness, mindset, spirituality, business, hobby... you have to have a strong why THAT IS BIGGER THAN YOU to keep going.

It has to feel like a MISSION in your life. It has to feel like breathing. If you don't want it as bad as you want to breathe... you'll quit, if you even begin.

2. You don't have concrete and specific goals

When asked, "if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it", most give typical responses like pay off debt, invest it, give to charity, buy a car, buy a house etc...

But when asked further into the question, what debt would you pay off first, what would you invest it in, what charity and why, what kind of car and house... they don't even know.

This is the same with your mindset, your health and fitness goals. Most don't know why they actually want something...let alone the specifics.

Like why is it that I want to reach that said health goal and when I achieve it... what am I going to do with it?

Why is it that I want a strong mind? What will I do with it?

Why is it that I want a happy relationship? What will I do with it?

Why is it that I want a million dollars and what exactly would I do with it.


These things don't happen just because you want them to... again, you have to know your why. You have to have the specifics of the goal. And have a concrete plan of action to get there.

When you know your mission and you have specifics of why, then you begin to develop DRIVE.

3. You're looking for outside validation

If you're always seeking someone else to pat you on the back for your achievements. Wake-up....MOST DON'T WANT YOU TO SUCCEED...because when you do, you make them feel inadequate and at times have to leave them behind.

Stop looking for outside validation and begin looking inward at you!

Pat yourself on the back. Validate YOU in your head. Make yourself proud of YOU!

If you continue to look for outside validation, YOU WILL QUIT, because at some point, when you're changing and crushing personal growth and life goals... it won't be there.

4. You haven't developed discipline

You can run off of motivation for awhile, but eventually it will disappear like it was never there. This is where discipline comes in.

Whether it's a job you thought you loved, a hobby you said you were committed to, your healthy diet, fitness goals, start-up etc, if you don't develop discipline with, it will be gone in a flash. You MUST show up daily and do the thing you committed to doing even when you have no motivation or patience, or will, or time to do it. You must develop a routine. Period.

5. You don't have grit, you want the easy path

Sh*t gets hard, for all of us. And it's no different when it comes to mindset, health, fitness, business, relationships, family, life... If you don't have grit, you will quit.

If you want anything amazing in your life, it's not going to be easy. In fact, it's going to be f*cking hard.

You're gonna have days you think about quitting.

You're going to have days in tears.

You're going to have days where you mess up and fail.

You're gonna have days in the gym that are to painful and that suck.

You're going to have days where your kids and husband/wife are driving you nuts.

You're going to have days where you legit hate everything about your life...And then when those days pass, or if you trained your mindset... once you allow it to pass, you'll feel better, re-motivated and driven and ready to keep going.

Facts are, you have to have GRIT and grind it out when it sucks, because most give up when it gets hard, and unfortunately the reality is if they would have stuck it out a bit longer they would be hitting the next level.

If you don't want to do hard, cool, the easy path is there, but the easy path will take you no where worthwhile.

6. You are looking for someone to direct you at all times

It's not bad to have a coach, a mentor, a sound voice to your issues, but if you're looking for someone to direct you at all times, not only will you eventually fail, but you'll never truly develop into who you were made to be.

At some point you have to take extreme ownership for your life if you want true freedom. To be able to think for yourself, to have strong intuition and intelligence, to make bold decisions, to dive into action and most importantly to HAVE YOUR OWN VOICE.

You don't need someone to direct you at all times. You just need the above 1-5 to feel certain and confident in WHO YOU ARE and the actions you decide to take.

If you are tired of quitting and are looking to develop these traits so you can achieve all you want to in this life, this is what my coaching program "Freedom Coaching" is all about.

I help women (and some men) Conquer their MIND so they can live in discipline, in confidence, and with controlled emotions and action. I help women Restore their Health and Fitness so they can be energetic, strong, in motion and able to do more! AND I help women Free their Soul, to find their purpose, to initiate their drive, to help them begin whatever dream they really want in their mind... to feel totally free.

In my coaching practice, I want my clients to have FREEDOM.



And that's my mission.

If you're interested, click the tab "Coaching with Haley" and book a discovery call with me to see if we are a good match to work together.

ALSO please SHARE this article on your social media page to help me help others!!!

Thank you so very much for reading, I hope this inspires and helps you initiate change within yourself!

Be the Change.

Be Free,

Coach Haley

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