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The Sad Story You Replay in Your Mind is What is Killing Your Future

We all have a sad story. A traumatic event. A past. Something we replay in our minds over and over again, that stops us from fully living up to our potential.

It may sound like I’m just being mean and uncaring, but I’m not… In fact I care more than what you want to believe in regards to me not even really knowing you.

See, I myself had a sad story. I myself had traumatic events that not only happened to me, but happened to those around me that I loved. And, some of the choices I personally made as a child also created an internal sad story dialogue later into adulthood.

I have also personally witnessed sad stories that have been manifested outwardly through people I used to ‘hang out” with. And I have had many sad stories spoken to me.

And because I have experienced and witnessed these “sad stories” manifest internal dialogue that reflects externally into the world, and because I have personally experienced healing from them, I can’t help but to want to help others be set free from them too.


Your past doesn’t make who you are, YOU DO.

You are allowed to set yourself free from your past story, so you can step into the one you want… EVEN if you past story is lingering into your life now, creating relationship issues and jobs you don’t want, weight gain, anxiety, depression, intrusive thoughts, etc

YOU STILL HAVE THE CHOICE. YOU still have the control.

Heal from your past...

Over the last 9 years, I have been practicing self healing and mastery, though there are many tools that can help you leave your past and enter the life you want to live, there are a few tools I always fall back to and have found help all of my friends that I work with.

  1. Take Care of Yourself

The way you treat yourself directly reflects how you feel inside. Even if you aren’t feeling it, start showing up in small amounts for you. Eat a bit healthier, get in some movement, journal your thoughts, cry it out, push out all the junk and sickness within.

  1. Change Your Perception of the Story

It can be hard to change your story as a victim since you know you had no control over the things others have done to you. So instead of focusing in on you here, I have found that the fastest way to heal is to flip the perception of the perpetrator. Put yourself in that person's shoes and try to understand his/her past, even if you do not know their past, make one up in your head that may make sense.

The point here is to allow yourself to forgive the person (this does not mean you have to allow contact again), to remove the poison from your own soul.

  1. Journal Your New Existence

You’ll never know how to become what you want to be and live the life you want to live in if you don’t take the time to be with yourself and listen.

Write down who you want to be, what you want, what that looks and feels right.

Begin LISTENING to YOU and not to the world around you.

Your internal dialogue is only there to keep you safe. It’s primally built in. But consciously we must make a choice to live past it.

Free your mind, free yourself.

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