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The Sacrifice

As a Coach, I come across a lot of people wanting to change. Their conscience is pressing them to do something different. They feel it throughout their body, mind and soul. They are tired. They are consistently sick. They are unable to think clearly. They have gained weight. They are feeding themselves sugary junk. They are emotional, frazzled and stressed. They aren't moving enough and feel stiff and sluggish. They are consumed in their technological devises, neglecting those that matter around them...etc

Inside, they need healing. They didn't get to this point over night. No one does.

Some have deep wounds that need to be healed since childhood.

Many were sold the lies of the corrupt system and have been following the propaganda since they were born.

Some just don't find themselves worth the effort, searching for a will (a why) and motivation to change their ways.

If and when I finally get someone to commit to their transformation, even then, many fail to continue their commitment. Their why being discardable. Their reasoning being one of no substance.

The things that should ultimately matter and be a deep enough to change (health, children, mental wellbeing etc) have become of no matter at all.

I find that this is the perpetual sickness of the world.

The immersion in it.

The addictions of the world have brought many great sacrifices. Not only to our bodies in ill health, but to our minds and into our hearts bleeding into our day to day lives.

Controlled by substances (food, medications, drugs, devices)

Lacking commitment to others but only to self.

Destroying our home inside and out.

All because we are immersed into the world, forgetting about our ultimate purpose. The true reasons we are here.

To serve.

Not ourselves, but our family, our neighbor, our God.

The sacrifice of being immersed and conformed into the world comes at a great cost. Losing all that truly matters.

Until one understands this, there will be no true commitment to understand the truth, to change and to totally transform into a well-being. Their reasons being without true substance. The righteous and humble sacrifice meaningless to the shallow soul.

Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind (Rom. 12:2)

Be the change you wish to see.

Coach Haley

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