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The Only Freedom There Is

The world is in the depths of sickness. Obesity, diabetes, cancer... mental, emotional, spiritual...

The counterfeit comforts of the world entrap them, and detained them inside.

They have lost all truth and all meaning. Their nous* darkened and contaminated, screaming in pain, but numbed by more.

The art of Godly discipline ridiculed, boundaries shattered, lust rules the heart and the world.

War from the inside out, blinded and controlled by the theatrics of the demons.

Propagated to mute linguistics, destroy our bodies and transmute our DNA.

Egocentrics portrayed as self-sacrifice.

The only way out takes a brave journey through the darkness, searching and seeking for the truth being careful not to be entranced by the magician who has distorted it from all sides.

Coming to the revelation that truth is not relative but eternal and is a who, not a what.

Engulfed by the spirit of truth, your nous is restored in sight, and your soul is moved towards the act of theosis.

Healing, Transfiguring and becoming One with God.

The only freedom there is.

*The nous, the eye of the soul; the minds eye.

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