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The Lack of Discipline

I was at the grocery store the other day and I was getting my children a "snack", which we actually haven't done in awhile. Their favorite snack being a "bar," like a cliff bar or Lara bar etc. As we were looking at these "snacks," I had what I would call a filter removed, where I thought how all of these items, if I allowed, could be up for grabs... hundreds of snack bar options available to me if only I "allowed" it. I hadn't thought that way in a long time and so it struck me as kind of bazaar, and I continued to mull over it throughout the day.


I know the reason I remain in self-disciplined and do not allow myself or my children to be open to all the options and "possibilities" that are out there in the world.

In my experience, I have learned that the spiritual world is in sync with the choices and ways we navigate this temporal physical existence. Corruption through the world seeps into each and every moment if you are not in total awareness and is easily placed into your physical body and home.

In this thought at the grocery store, I realized this again...

That "freedom of choice" has been blown out of proportion where anything, and I mean ANYTHING goes.

You can clearly witness it all around us. No discipline. No "real" consequences. No conscience action with God, the Father and the Holy Spirit in mind has lead to a type of freedom full of corruption...deceit and lies.

The "food" being just the beginning... the poison to manipulate the gut and brain connection and cause dis-ease and begin to control the masses.

But it doesn't stop there.

Most religious "sanctuaries" and school institutions are funded and controlled by government entities (demonic souls) looking to control the mind, morals and values of the masses to create their own social system.

Most virtual entertainment (demonic souls) is ran and controlled to program the masses into total spiritual corruption.

Most news is funded by the "leaders" of the world (demonic souls) to control a social narrative.

Most life living in this sense of boundlessness (deceived souls) continue to repeat the common narrative and scream for social justice all while murdering babies in the name of "choice", destroying and killing sustainable life in the name of "animal rights", destroying and morphing their own and children's bodies to dismantle God's given nature, continually tear down and dismantle the value of traditional families by glorifying self idolatry, gender equality, and social reform. All of this masking their own inner corruption and lack of the one and only true God.

With no remorse, no thought of the ripple effects into the future, no real truthful sorrow or care of the life around them...but all in the name of vain and virtue....and freedom.

This thought in the grocery store reminded me of the loss of true freedom, created through self-discipline.

This thought in the grocery store reminded me that society has truly lost the connection to God.

Boundlessness lead us to corruption and sin.

Boundlessness created our sickness, our fall of a loving and truth filled humanity.

Boundlessness created a sea of lies and deceit from the evil one.

We are in a spiritual world, witnessing it as a physical one.

The faster you see this and accept it, the faster you can return to the one who created you and live for Him in a way that will restore your lost and seeking soul.

The choices in the world makes us "feel free" but in that SENSE of freedom our soul is deceived and sold, our life is lost, and our mind is corrupted into thinking that we ourselves are gods...

What a time to be living in.

Lord have mercy on us.

Be the change.

Love, Coach Haley

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