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The BEST Hot Chocolate

The best hot chocolate begins with making your own whipping cream!

Whipping Cream


1 cup Heavy Cream

1-2 tsp real Maple Syrup or Honey


Place in bowl and using a hand mixer, blend the ingredients together until it creates soft peaks, or your desired whipping cream consistency.

Hot Cocoa


3 oz Half and Half or Whole Milk

3 oz Water

1 heaping scoop of Vital Proteins, Collagen Peptides - Chocolate

1. Mix equal parts half and half and water together and heat until 195 degree F or just under boiling temperature.

2. Add chocolate powered to bottom up cup and gradually stir in or blend together using a drink mixer.

3. Top with homemade whipping cream and enjoy!

Make it seasonal:

A. Sprinkle in some pumpkin spice seasoning before blending milk/water and chocolate powder together and sprinkle a bit more on top for looks!

B. Add in pumpkin spice simple syrup to

your milk/water and chocolate powder blend and sprinkle some pumpkin spice seasoning on top for looks!

Make it a mocha:

Add a shot of espresso!

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