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What Would Happen If You Took Back Everything The Devil Tried To Steal From You?

What would happen if you chose to live this year with complete intention?

If you chose to live in full awareness?

If you allowed yourself to be in the present moment with great attention to detail?

If you walked in freedom unengaged in fear?

If you trusted fully? If you lived in faith and fearlessness?

What if instead of rushing around, eating junk food and living in your emotions, you walked in peace, nourished your body and reacted in love?

Can you imagine it?

This year I can.

I’ve spent YEARS of my life living in depression, anxiety, fear of the unknown, fear for my life, in great distrust of everyone.

I’ve witnessed some of the darkest parts of humanity. I’ve heard stories of horror. I’ve been highly informed of the mistakes and evil of mankind. I’ve faced my own inner demons.

Since the day I literally saw the devils face, I knew I had to change. Deep inside I was hurt, and it was reflecting in every way in my outer world.

In December 2012, I began making decisions and taking action to free myself of the devil’s nous and towards Christ’s.

These last couple of years I witnessed a spiritual battle in my own internal mind and throughout the world. We all have. With these times, root issues I had not dealt with completely surfaced forward and I made the effort and intention to fully understand and heal them.

Today, I am so thankful for my past journey. All the things I had experienced and witnessed has made me the healer that I am. All the experiences have taught me how to step into other people’s shoes, to understand their hurt and struggle, to forgive the darkness and most of all, to witness, hear and heal that internal pain and struggle. The ways I am able to pinpoint the words, outward reflection, actions and emotions of a person has allowed me to pull out deeper spiritual issues of the soul and offer them internal healing which in turn reflects outward into their physical life.

It’s truly been an honor.

And because of all that

This is the year of Intentional Growth. This year is about being in FULL BLOOM in the light of Jesus, in the soul of gratefulness, presence, giving, love, service.

THIS YEAR is the time I take everything back Satan tried to steal from me AND YOU.

Love, freedom, joy, faith, trust, friends, true connection and happiness.

THIS YEAR is the year we fully Transform together.

If you’re ready, I’m ready to help you!

Send me a message and let the healing begin.

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