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Restore the Value of Motherhood, Stop Abortion

I'm tired of hearing and seeing signs "for abortion" everywhere I look and go.

And I am tired of those who believe in the opposite remaining silent and allowing our homes, culture and society to keep crumbling.

Our society has been brainwashed to accept a "common narrative" since the time of the first-wave of feminism in 1820 - to demoralize the traditional and sacred power of womanhood and motherhood.

And without question or real research to who began and started this mess keeps shouting it from the roof tops not understanding the fullness of consequences attached to it.

Lost and confused, many who love being a woman, and women who love being a wife and a mom still encourage others to play a part in the narrative - supporting all abortions (I'm not speaking of legitimate life-treating situations), supporting all divorces (I'm not speaking of the abusive), same-sex marriages, man-hate and all other un-godly and immoral narratives.

If we all took the time to do some real research and reflect on how we got here today, society wouldn't be in such a mess that it's in today. But instead, we continue to brainwash our society since childhood - sending them to public, government ran institutions beginning at impressionable and crucial ages, until well past the age of 18.

Failing to raise our own children, out come government babies and government loyal adults. Broken away from their families, adopting everything outside of the morals of the family unit, with no real family loyalty (just look at the way we care for our parents when they are old).

Thanks to the destruction of womanhood and motherhood and all that it stands for, we women have become fools and have demolished our culture with our own hands.

It's time those who agree stand strong together, and beginning AT HOME with small steps, rebuild our culture back towards the power of traditional and Godly woman/motherhood.

Proverbs 14:1

Stop falling for the lies. Disconnect from the pushed propaganda via media outlets, social media, movies, shows etc and open some books.

Become educated on the real objective TRUTH, work- beginning at home, and watch the world change.


Haters welcome,

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