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Own Your Mind. Be Free.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

I've done basically everything I've wanted to do and I'm sharing what I've done not necessarily to pat myself on the back, because I've already done that ;) but because I want you to see what an "average" person coming back from a personal hell can do...

Began working in a health food store as a Grab N' Go Chef, became a certified life coach, started and ran a community garden, started a local juice bar, got married, had a baby, became a certified primal health coach, interviewed famous people on my own podcast, wrote recipes for someone else's blog, took professional and amazing food photos for a popular restaurant, got hired to create foodie pictures and recipes for a famous Indianapolis magazine, became a personal trainer to teach olympic weightlifting and help other women become strong, competed in a Crossfit competition, went to Thailand, had another baby, competed in a powerlifting competition and then in the middle of a "pandemic", I marked off the last few things I had in mind on my bucket list... paddle boarding, travel to Costa Rica (my favorite), surf.

After completing the last few items, I mentioned to Zach, laughing, "either I'm gonna die soon or I need to create another bucket list."

BUT LET ME TELL YOU... if I would have listened to some of the closest people around me, my family, and if I would have listened to my fear and if I wouldn't have taken IMMEDIATE action regardless of what I was being advised, what I was thinking or how I was feeling - then I wouldn't have even done MOST of these- almost all of them actually. I may have not even really begun...

My point here is you've got to stop listening to EVERYONE around you and OWN YOUR OWN MIND.

Not everyone is going to see your vision. Not everyone is going to understand why you are doing what you're planning to do. Not everyone is going to understand why you "quit this" to start that. Not everyone is going to understand why you want to try that or travel there. Not everyone is going to support your dreams and goals.

It's not that they don't love you or that they don't want to see you succeed. Sometimes its that they are afraid something bad will happen to you. Sometimes its because they don't want to see you go. Sometimes it's because they think you'll outgrow them. Sometimes its because they're envious of your bravery. Sometimes it's because they don't truly have your best interests in mind. Sometimes it's all of those and more.

Your fear and inaction is what's stopping you from living a life you are truly capable of living.

All the things I have done above have built me into the person and coach I am today. Able to guide people Mentally, Physically and Spiritually to heal and to help them reach personal and external goals they felt weren't even capable of achieving. Helping others break out if this tyrannical type of world and mindset and truly set themselves free.

You were born here free. God told us not to be fearful and to have faith. He told us not to worry about tomorrow, but to live for today, giving thanks and serving for Him.

Instead we walk in the world, being controlled by others because they have gained control of our mind. We stopped thinking for ourselves and stopped praising our God who gave us a free everlasting life and began focusing on a life that is small to keep ourselves "safe". But God says,

He who saves his life loses it Matthew 6:25 and that my friend can't be more true than it already is.

Are you ready to have faith and set yourself free???

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