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MIND over MATTER : Your Thoughts Dictate Your Actions.

Have you ever taken the time to evaluate your thoughts and how they are connected to your actions?

For an example; when you wake up in the morning and you instantly think about how the day ahead of you, how you are dreading it, and you wish you can just go back to sleep - have you thought about how that effects your whole morning? Your mood, the way you act, the way you walk and speak… all of it dictated my your initial thoughts and emotions of dread?

Have you ever thought negatively about a person? Maybe a friend or spouse or your own child - feeling the irritation rise within you, only to spiral you into more negative thoughts and eventually negative action towards the matter.

Maybe even your career. Maybe its one you loathe, and all you can think about is all the negative aspects of the job, effecting how you show up to the job, the time dragging on and on through the day, annoyed with everything and everyone…

In the car, do you find yourself snapping at the person ahead of you, throwing off your whole entire morning? What thoughts were running through your head? Do you feel you are running behind? Do you want to just get home? Are you mad at someone else?

Your thoughts dictate your actions, but the power of your thoughts and actions are in your hands.

Most of us, living in autopilot (which I talk about how to break here) take our thoughts and feelings as face-value truths and react on them instead of taking the time to decipher what thoughts and feelings are true and worth pursuing and what thoughts and feelings are false; brought to you as a temptation, fear or in pursuit of personal destruction.

Learning how to decipher these thoughts and feelings and label them as true or false requires you to slow down, live more in the present moment, and take the time to choose which thought, feeling and action to entertain and pursue consciously.

In return to learning and practicing this tool, you will find yourself in the drivers seat able to navigate life in a way that benefits all aspects of your life - mentally, physically and spiritually.


1. Protect Your Mind

If you find yourself consistently in a negative mindset about your life, your job, your children etc - it may be time to look at the content you consistently surround yourself with. Are you always looking at highlight reels of other peoples life - comparing yourself to others? Are you always thinking negatively about your spouse because society tells you they shouldn't be holding you back, you don't need them, you do you? Are you always frustrated with your children because you haven't thought about their developmental milestones, you're too busy to look at them as a small human and you think they should just behave at all costs? Are you always worried about your safety because you keep watching murder mystery? Are you thinking about drugs and other temptations because you are consistently listening to trash music?

Remove yourself from music, television shows, books, radio stations, social media, places, people and things that disrupt and disturb your mind in a way that impacts you negatively from who YOU want to be and what YOU actually want to pursue.

2. Filter Through the Information

Don't take any thought or feeling for truth. Learn to take the time to dismiss thoughts and feelings that do not align with your values/goals by practicing slowing down, meditation, prayer or silent fitness - where you don't listen to any music or distract yourself - you are just with your thoughts and feelings learning how to dismiss or manage or entertain them.

3. THINK Consciously.

Do your own research when you want to dive deeper into a subject to make a rational decision instead of following what you are told by someone else. DECIDE consciously what feelings and actions are right for you and how you should proceed accordingly.

To many times we listen to the outside world, not understanding that those thoughts are not ours. That we have been programmed accordingly to the information we take in unconsciously or consciously. It is up to us to protect our mind, filter through the information and choose what to consume, dive deeper into, feel and react to.

When you learn how to do the above, you will live more consciously and understand the concept of MIND over MATTER.

Check out the video below to help you further! And if you'd like any 1:1 COACHING whether that be Mindset, Nutrition, Fitness, Spirituality, Lifestyle etc MESSAGE ME HERE

With love, Haley Morris

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