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Maximize Your Time, Harness Your Energy

We all have 24 hours and 7 days a week, but how is it that some people get more done than others. How is it that some people are able to get in workouts, meal prep healthy meals and still work? How is it that some have the time to begin a businesses and nurture them to thrive? How is it that some parents who have children can do both? How is it that some maintain a clean house while doing all of the above without a maid?! Where do they get all of this extra time and!

1. They Are Disciplined.

Have you ever heard the term, "DISCIPLINE EQUALS FREEDOM"? These people are not lucky and just "have more time," they make it. They rise early to have time alone and time to workout before the chaos of the world begins while others fail to defeat the comfort of their beds. They rise early and stay up late to work on their business while still doing their job in between. They sacrifice fun-filled weekends to work on their skills, meal prep, clean the house and plan their week to remain ahead. They are disciplined with their time.

2. They Are Creators, NOT Consumers.

These people are not consuming- binge watching Netflix, scrolling social media for hours, buying junk material "goods" or searching for things to "kill time". These people are on a mission and have a plan. They are in creation mode to make themselves the best they can be. To kick their own ass. To serve. To create. Instead of binge watching Netflix and/or scrolling social media... they are working on their business, marketing, creating content, reading or listening to podcasts to master their skills, working out, meal prepping, cleaning out their spaces, evaluating their goals, investing, building their relationships.

These people don't have time to kill. They value their time. They know time is limited and that the world was built to consume it. They are constantly looking to learn, build, master and create more.

3. They Maximize Their Time

While other people claim to have no time, these people don't allow this excuse in their vocabulary. They have learned that if it's important, they will make the time to fit it in. While most people are sleeping in, they are up before the sun. While most people are listening to music on the way to work or while they are doing household chores, they are listening to the podcast to master their skills or to learn something new. While most are scrolling social media, they are taking the course, hosting the classes and making investments. While most are sleeping on the job or socializing in the break room and at non-goal oriented parties and meetings, they are building their business, working on quality relationships, marketing, getting in a short workout.

These people have found ways to maximize their time while others choose to live without purpose.

Okay, okay so I get it.. they make the time... but seriously, where do they have the energy to do all of that? What keeps them motivated?

1. They Don't Rely On Motivation

Motivation FAILS YOU. No one is motivated every single day. They rely on discipline. They show up when they don't want to. They get it in when it sucks. Their drive is from a higher purpose. It's not just about them and about their self, its about making a difference. They have purpose, which gives them a meaning and gives them drive.

2. They Eat Well

No one is going to have the energy to do anything feeding off shit quality food (Standard American Diet) and being a sloth. No one is going to have the energy when they are sick and drugged up on pharmaceuticals, mind altering recreations and alcohol. These people are FUELED with quality. They understand that their body and mind is connected and that they need to be fed and taken care of properly. They understand their intrinsic value and God-given worth. They are willing to pay extra for health. They are willing to pay for the higher quality food, the gym, and a coach to teach them the tools to achieve their goals. They value their body and mind and the quality of their life. Anything less is a waste of money to them. And they understand that TIME (which they value) IS MONEY.

3. They MOVE and Don't Waste Their Energy

An object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion stays in motion.

These people get up and get moving! They have a routine. They have a plan. They have a goal. They workout. They are IN MOTION. There is no time to be idle (the devil plays there), they don't have time to kill on shallow things. They are always on a mission to make an impact, to create... they want to win.

Facts are. We all have the same amount of time. Some utilize it to the fullest and some squander it. Which one are you? The Creator or the Consumer? The Winner or the Squanderer? If you find that you are consistently the squanderer, reach out to me and let's get you DISCIPLINED!

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Be the change,

Coach Haley

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