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I Waited to Long to Change

I waited to change my friend zone until I was at the lowest point in life, doing drugs and living terribly only fortunate enough to change because I heard God.

I waited to change my health until I had developed kidney stones.

I waited to develop something meaningful and positively impactful in my life after the age of 22.

I could have started so much earlier.

Truth is...

I didn't want to think about the impact I was making around me; how I was effecting people that actually mattered (my family) negatively.

I didn't want to take full responsibility for my feelings and actions and lack of impact on the world; it was everyone else not me!

Most of the time it didn't even register in my mind that I should even think about those things in general.

I was just living my life.

It wasn't until I had dug myself into a dark hell and thankfully heard God that I began to make small decisions that lead to change... literally having to rebuild myself, relationships and life from nothing at the age of 22.

My arm now permanently reads, "Be the Change" and I live by it.

I had "Be the Change" tattooed on my arm as a reminder to build a better future for myself, the people around me, society and the world. I realized that the words I choose to speak, the emotions I choose to let live, the thoughts I let grow, and the actions I choose to take truly matter the most and directly impact those around me in a positive or negative way.

"Be the Change" is also a reminder that no one is going to do it for me.

Nobody is responsible for making my life any better, my marriage and friendships stronger, educating my children, keeping my family healthy and thriving, and no one is going to clean, repair, change and create a better world for me.

It's my duty. It's my responsibility. It's my effort. It's the actions I take on a daily basis that create impact, that create change.

And to be honest, it never gets easier. This type of responsibility never ceases to change or grow. Matter of fact it emerges and grows wildly.

Marriage, children, new roles and responsibilities, world chaous...

All. My. Responsibility.

What would the world be like if we all thought in this way?

You don't have to wait until things around you are chaous. You don't have to feel guilty on a daily basis because of how you handled a situation or how you feel you didn't make an impact.

But what you can do is make small intentional changes to make things better.

To not yell.

To be grateful.

To pick up trash alongside the road.

To eat organic.

To spend time with your family.

To say kind words to a stranger.

To read a page in a book.

To post an impactful message.

Just one little thing to positively impact your family, your society, your future, your home 🌎

Eventually these small seeds it will outgrow your internal world of weeds, grow and bloom into a garden of beautiful flowers, where making an impact becomes as natural as breathing with only a few hiccups (if any). And that character will be reflected on the outside impacting the world around you.

And I'll tell you, the struggle, the effort, the intentional's all worth it.

🗣 Be the Change you wish to see in the world ✝

PS: if you would like to begin changing and learning more about how to create a positive impact on people and the world around you, please reach out to attend my Healthy Mind & Spirit Workshop beginning on February 14th 2022!

Hope to meet you there!!!

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