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Do You Have Constant Cravings? Are You Binge Eating?

Listen up.

We live in a system that feeds off your hunger.

Not only the hunger of your body, but also the hunger for connection, the hunger of your soul, the things you want and lust for, the hole you are trying to fill on a daily basis, the emotion and trauma you are trying to hide inside.

And in this, the creation of distraction, poisonous man made food, and big pharma drugs, has become an industry so profitable and lucrative that their streams of incomes have allowed investments into "scientific studies" and marketing propaganda to keep you confused, entrapped and buying more.

The proof is staring right at you...

Listen, clearly hear and witness the decline of mental and spiritual wellness invoked by false connections through social media and the pressed cultural agenda.

Look around you and you can clearly witness the health of the US as the system pressed grains, vegetable oils, margarine, fortified cereals, and loads of junk food claimed to be "natural" and "heart healthy"...and now alternative milks and proteins...

These "social connections" and "food" items were made to be addictive. Developed in a way that rewards your mind and body through an internal rewarding chemical process called dopamine. And even though that's enough to keep you trapped, the food in particular develops a gut, mind, body connection through its development of micro-organisms in the gut biome to keep you craving these foods to feed them more.

Because of these facts, the diet culture was created to help "heal" and maintain peoples weight...but many are deemed to keep the food-drugs going in spite of its harmful effects now and into the future. Denying the harmful truth of glucose-spiking indulgences, artificial substances and chemicals, GMOs, vegetable oils, junk food, etc. grasping at straws, popping "medicine" and adjusting macro-numbers to perpetuate and defend their addiction.

If this is you, its not overall your fault, we've been programmed into it...BUT you should take full responsibility for it and change your actions. The only way to eliminate your cravings, binge eating and ill health issues to to take back control of your health. To take full responsibly and autonomy over it. To stop allowing the money-backed sciences and services control your thinking and actions.

Cravings and binging would not be a problem if you were nourishing your body well. In fact, when you have finally detoxed from the poison and have began nourishing your body well, you will find that the indulgences are rejected and make you feel ill upon consumption. You will find your mind, emotions, energy, body, and soul is fulfilled. In fact, many shifts will happen for you because in this shift, in this autonomy, you will be liberated from the drug induced haze that is killing your mind, body and soul. In nourishment you will instill freedom.

I pray that my short articles provoke you to think for yourself.

I pray that they inspire you to be brave and take back control over you.

I pray that you understand your self-worth and how important it is for you to take back ownership of your mind, health and soul.

I'm praying for you.

Today, choose to leave your addictions behind and nourish your mind, body and soul. Your choices ripple through the world. Choose those that will change the current trajectory. Choose those that will heal the earth. Your commitment and growth in all that you do inspires another to also change, and in that, changes the world. YOU and your choices truly matter.

Be the change, heal the world,


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