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Delicious Smoked Wings


Pasture raised non-GMO Chicken Wings

Garlic Powder

Himalayan Salt


Avocado oil

Helpful Tool

Meat thermometer


Preheat Smoker or oven if you don't have one to 225F

While it's heating up spread wings out onto a pan.

Use a paper towel or something alike to remove any excess water from the wings then lightly brush or rub sides of wings with avocado oil.

Season all both sides of the wings with garlic powder, salt and pepper. You can also add other seasonings if you want a more dramatic flavor! Sometimes I add smoked paprika and chili powder. Or sometimes I make seasonings to create a cultural flair!

Once seasoned, add wings onto grates in the smoker or leave on pan in the oven.

👉The key here is to slow cook the wings until they reach the internal temperature of 165F (safely consumable) minimum, up to 175F. I like to turn half way, usually an hour in, but you don't have to!

👉Once they have reached that internal temperature, turn your smoker or oven up to 400F so the skins can crisp!

Keep a careful eye on them though they can burn quickly! Internal temperature when fully done will be between 190-205F

I serve mine with Homemade Buffalo Sauce and Blue Cheese Dressing! recipes coming, stay tuned 😉

Enjoy! 😋

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