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Control Yourself or They Will Control You

When you choose to open your eyes to the spiritual world, you'll find that this world is full of those who want power and control. To them, we are just a means to an end; to fill their pockets and give them reign over the whole world. And searching deep enough, it's not just a person who has control, but a dark energy, one we were warned about long ago.

Many of us want to choose to ignore this fact, looking for anything else that could be causing these problems, pointing fingers at other "men"...looking to ignore that there is a spiritual existence and good verses dark energy. The reason being, they would have to wake up in full awareness of the true reality of the world and see that the only solution to this problem is through God Himself.

The facts are, in the USA and many places around the world, truth has been taken over, morphed, made relative and justified by lies. And if you were even barely awake, you saw it with the "pandemic". Yet somehow, even with eyes lightly opened, once the government switched to their next agenda, the war... many's eyes snapped back shut. Though, this doesn't surprise me.

These intelligences are cleaver and their theatrics are magic.

Our lust for laced food, compulsive use of smart phones, time in indoctrination schools, the businesses of societal jobs and other fillers; material items and recreational/pharmaceutical substances have consumed our willpower and time. So what time is left for our own thoughts to decipher the truth and the power of prayer with God? You see, we have been groomed to be a slave to these powers that be since the day we entered into the worldly system (school).

The only way to take back your full power is to open your eyes to see the eternal truth and to cleanse your hearts through Christ so you can have the power of God take over your life.

Through meditation, prayer, fasting and the conscious nurturing of virtue with the help of the Holy Spirit, we can repair our lamps by cleansing our hearts. The eye of the soul will be opened. The mind becomes a tool rather than the master. Our thoughts and emotions become still and radiant. Then our “eye” will be sound and the light of Christ in us will be free to shine forth as it did in both Pilgrim and the Bishop.
The result is enlightenment, that is, to see things as they really are objectively perceiving and interpreting reality with compassion and wisdom. This is liberation from sin and darkness. It is the way of peace, the road to true happiness, the pathway to unending joy and a necessary plateau on the road to the ultimate Divine Gift, theosis.

St. Mary Orthodox Church

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