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Burpees: benefits, proper form, tips, and alternatives

Updated: Apr 5, 2022


  • They are literally a full body workout that works the chest, triceps, core, shoulders, glutes, quads, calves, & hips.

  • They cause cardiovascular conditioning. Any time you are changing your plane of motion, it spikes an increase in your heart rate.

  • They improve explosiveness, which considers them a plyometric exercise. They help the performer to run faster, jump higher, and become more agile.

  • There is no equipment required.


  • Feet shoulder width apart, arms down by side.

  • Brace midline, engaging core, then bend at hips and knees simultaneously while lowering into a squat.

  • Drop palms onto floor ahead of you and outside of feet.

  • Shift weight into hands as you jump feet back into a plank position.

  • Always make sure you core is engaged and keep elbows locked into rib cage, lower into a push-up.

  • At top of push-up, form should be back in plank position.

  • Jump feet up to either side of hand, then jump up explosively.


  • Engage core at all times to prevent back pain or injury. If burpees are a new movement for you, slow them down to focus on your core. Once you get better at them, then you can increase your speed.

  • Let your body dictate where your feet go. Generally, your feet should be hip-width apart, but if you are bigger bodied or have pre-existing knee injuries, then widening your feet will give you a bigger and more stable base.

  • Prepare your wrists for the movement as they do take on a lot of stress and pressure during this exercise. Wrist rolls, prayer stretch, and kneeling leans will help.

  • BREATH! Try inhaling at the top and exhaling when you throw your legs back into plank position. Inhale again at bottom of push-up and exhale as you explode into your jump. Depending on the speed of your burpees, this may need adjusted.


  • Inchworms

  • Jump squats

  • Kettlebell farmer walk

  • Mountain climbers

  • Weighted squats

  • Deadlifts

Hope this helps!!

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