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If you have already decided to make the big jump and start getting fit, congratulations! The biggest and hardest step for most people is just to start! We all know it can be intimidating AF, and I'm here to remind you that this tribe is behind you 100%! So to you "newbies", I just wanted to share some pointers/tips/advice (whatever you want to call it) for the start of your new journey!

  1. BE REALISTIC & START SLOW! Please do not leap into intermediate/advanced workouts for at least the first month or so. Start out doing workouts 2-3x/week. Allow yourself plenty of recovery time between workouts. Be patient, intense workouts will come. If you are choosing a healthy way to lose weight and get fit, don't expect to lose 50lbs in a month. Love the journey and know that your hard work will pay off if you stick to it.

  2. KEEP A JOURNAL AND MAKE LISTS! If you ever feel like you are in a rut and not making progress, look back in your journal and note all the little improvements you've made. Find your why and write it down. There is something that has driven you to make the decision to change, so figure out what it is and keep using it!

  3. GET IN A GROOVE! Try to plan the week ahead for your workout days and what time of day you will workout. Is it before or after work? Is it when nobody is home? Is it when you are able to make it to the gym? Always have a back up plan as well. If your plan is altered for some reason, don't let it stop you!

  4. FOCUS ON THE STEPS TO YOUR GOAL! Obviously you have an end goal, but that will take time. So, for now focus on what will get you to your end goal successfully. It will get tough, and be prepared for that. You will have "off" days, but everyone does, it's just that not everyone lets it stop them. Harness those "off" days, and your "on/good" days will be even better!! Turn your fails into steps. Some things will be physically uncomfortable, but never look at is a punishment. The end result is rewarding.

  5. NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE! Everyone has different reasons for getting fit and healthy. Comparing yourself to someone who is trying to run a marathon or compete in a Crossfit competition will only hinder your mindset. Compare yourself only to who you were in the past. Surround yourself with positive people who will push and encourage you. Channel your negative thoughts. You may not see a change today, tomorrow, or even next week, but know that what you do today will effect your future!

I encourage you to find your why and reach out to someone in this tribe if you ever doubt yourself! There is no greater support than that of a tribe! Good luck on your journey! Never give up!

Coach Steph

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