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Actually SOLVE Your Health Issues #Wakeup

It didn't just start today.

Your health problems, they have been building. Every choice you had made led up to this problem you are experiencing now. And I hate to tell you, but there is no quick fix. There is no supplement, no medicine, no injection and no surgery that is going to cure your issue.

Matter of fact, it's just going to cover your symptoms, it's just going to prolong the issue and compound it.

The easy path to health and wellness gets you no where. You'll stay in a continual loop of sickness and temporary health, never solving the root issue and moving ahead.

The macro-counting, the calorie counting, the switching to "organic" junk food, all the medicines and supplements to fill in the voids of ill health... its the easy path.

If you want real health, you need to tough up and take the path most aren't walking. You need to open your eyes, think for yourself and look at history and the truth. The trends, the mainstream, and "alternative" mainstream pushed diet and wellness, it's all bullsh*t.

If you're still checking macros instead of looking for poisons in your food - you're on the wrong path.

If you're still looking for supplements for your source of vitamins and minerals - you're on the wrong path.

If you're following coaches teaching you how to test your ketones and selling keto packaged junk foods that you can eat while doing it - you're on the wrong path.

If your coaches are promoting vaccines instead of enhancing your health - you're on the wrong path.

If you're spending a lot of time at the doctors office - you're on the wrong path.

If you're looking for medicines for everything you're experiencing in your life instead of proper nourishment, movement, mental health self-care, and spirituality - you're on the wrong path.

If you want real health, you need to turn away from the crowd. Forget what the majority is saying. Leave behind the wolves in sheeps clothing just trying to profit off your ignorance and sickness.


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