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3 Ways You Can Drastically Change Your Life in 2022

1. Stop mindlessly turning on “programming”. Your awareness ignites your freedom and power.

When you mindlessly turn on your tv, scroll social media, turn up the music, or listen to your toxic “friends”, your subconscious mind will be soaking it all in and reflecting it outward in your daily life. You must train your mind to live in full awareness, to have the information you consume through your mind be a CHOICE and ACTION to enhance and grow your existence.

2. Forget trends. Eat to nourish your body.

Stop listening to all the diet trends and pushed diet agendas when it comes to nourishing your own body. Instead learn to think about and feel health for yourself. Get back to the basics of what your body actually needs to survive then biohack your own health from there.

3. Be grateful. Live in constant prayer.

Society wants us to think about and complain about ideals that you “don’t have” (though it’s actually lies and fluff that you don’t need) in order to detour you from all the things that actually matter; God, health, family…a simple meaningful life.

Begin to retrain your mind to be grateful for all you have now. Realize you are living in abundance now. Praise God daily for how blessed you truly are. Begin living in constant prayer (instead of negativity) and watch how your perception, relationships and world change.

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