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3 Ways to Begin Reclaiming Your Health in 2022

1. Stop following diet trends. Biohack yourself instead.

Allowing yourself to continue to follow diet trends is one reason you keep failing. The reasons being…

You aren’t thinking for yourself and therefore;

You’re likely not truly committed to a lifestyle of it.

Instead, take your health seriously and begin to biohack yourself. Get back down to the basic macro nutrients; protein, fats and carbs that come from whole and organic sources and begin to experiment with what makes you feel your best.

2. Stock your kitchen for health, not pleasure.

Stop buying foods you know are unhealthy for you and instead stock your kitchen in a way that represents health. We don’t need pleasure foods all the time, and we definitely should not be stocking our kitchens with the items that jeopardize our health and make us cave to temptation consistently. I don’t care if that's the “only thing my kid will eat”, that sh*t is poison and will make your kid sick and contribute to their ill health later in life. They will eat when they are ACTUALLY hungry. Stock that kitchen like it's your own personal natural farmacy and watch what happens (after yall detox).

3. Avoid chemical laced water, filter your own or buy glass bottled spring water.

We are mostly made of water… and if you know anything about water when it comes to spirituality… it's one of the most important aspects of our being. Unfortunately our water, especially in the cities, has become laced with chemicals that directly harm our health. Some of these chemicals include fluoride, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide and MORE!

Be sure to FILTER YOUR WATER with the best filters out there or buy glass spring water (to avoid toxic and hormone disrupting BPAs)… and bring your own water if you go out to eat.

I really love Epic Water Filter’s water bottles to take on the go when it comes to this. I can fill up my water bottle anywhere and know most of these items are being taken out of my water. They have a home unit too! DISCOUNT CODE: boudicafitness

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