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Stop doing random instagram workouts & train with purpose.

brand new to
strength training

Lead Coach, Haley Morris writes up weekly bodyweight & minimal equipment workouts released every Sunday for beginners to intermediate fitness enthusiast who are ready to become the strongest and fittest versions of themselves. 

This program comes with a video library that contains each programmed movement so you know how to perform them correctly.

After some time and consistency with the Boudica Tribe, not only will you be stronger mentally and physically, but you will be ready to move on to more advanced weightlifting training (barbell, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting etc) if that is the goal you are after.

Getting back into training after time off

If you haven't been in the gym for awhile this program will get you back into functional training, building your overall strength, mental game and increasing your output power to place you back into the fitness game.

looking to develop 
discipline and control of their health

If you're having trouble developing discipline and taking control of your health, thats what Boudica Tribe is all about. With Tribe and Coach accountability, uplifting encouragement from members and weekly LIVE wellness topics from Coach Haley on our Tribal Facebook page, it's easier to remain disciplined, show up, improve and participate in weekly workouts and topics.



Enter our


lacking confidence in their health and fitness endeavors

With all the information on health and fitness out there, thinking of and developing a plan that will get you real results can be overwhelming. Take the guess work out of your health and fitness journey and instead get focused  by letting a certified professional with 8+ years of experience and education program your workouts and teach you how real health and fitness is done. 

wanting access to
a certified coach without the cost.

Boudica Tribe is developed by a no-BS Coach, Haley Morris,  who wants YOU to be healthy and fit! 

Boudica Coaches are different, because we are here to get you REAL RESULTS and TEACH YOU how to continually get them.  We teach you real health, no calorie counting or restricting or unnecessary supplements here! 

And most of all, we focus on MINDSET, we are in the business of building STRONG women, mentally and physically- and our coaches are throughly picked for this purpose.


or Start Training 

1:1 with a Coach

this for?!


Boudica Tribe Memberships are a 6 day a week Strength and Endurance Program that is purposely built to make you strong, fit and functional. These programs are purposely designed for you to be able to progress as needed overtime. Work your way from the beginner bodyweight program into intermediate & advanced movements while choosing to up your weight when you want to get stronger and beat your personal best rounds and times all using a pair of dumbbells, bodyweight, jump-rope and conditioning workouts.

These workouts take between 30-90 minutes and were developed to be done when equipment is limited.

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

  • Best Value

    Boudica Tribe

    Every month
    Building Strength & Endurance
     14 day free trial
    • 6 Weekly Workouts via App with
    • Video of Movement & Form Attached
    • Recommended Equipment; Dumbbells, 1 Kettlebell, Jump Rope
Outdoor Pushups


What software do you use for training?

We use TrueCoach to help track and keep in touch with your progress. TrueCoach delivers an easy to use system that sends you the workouts, video instruction and sharing, and connectivity with a coach.

Are the workouts sent out daily?

The workouts are published every Sunday for the upcoming week! This gives our clients the flexibility of moving sessions around for that week, but staying on track!

What if I can’t workout on the assigned day?

No problem! With TrueCoach you can view past days to complete them to keep your workouts in order and in line with the thought out program!

Do I have to start at the beginning or can I jump in whenever?

It’s best to jump in when you sign up! We understand everyone may not start at the beginning, however our programs are all based on progression so you will benefit from starting as soon as you join and start!

Can I try a program before I buy?

You can try a FREE WEEK in our FREE Facebook Tribe under "membership example week"!  Join here

What if I decide to cancel?

Please note, cancellations need at least 72 hours/3 business days prior to billing to be canceled. Additionally, cancellations/removal from TrueCoach is not canceling your subscription and will not be honored. 

Please email to cancel your subscription payment.

If you created an account at purchase, you can also cancel or update your credit card information in your LOGIN at the top right hand of this site!

Not seeing your question?!

Email us and we will get back to you with an answer!

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