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Only a woman has a womb, and blessed she may be, for the womb creates the life of all the
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"A Traditional Birth Companion follows in the footsteps of those women who came before her, humbly serving the family in the way that best meets their needs. She brings wisdom, experience, and knowledge to a timeless process that unfolds more simply in the presence of understanding and compassion. She carries ancient wisdom regarding herbs, remedies, nutrition, family and faith, and brings new knowledge in the science and physiology of healthy pregnancy and safe birth. The wisdom of a Traditional Birth Companion encompasses much more than just helping a mother give birth. It addresses generations of misinformation, fear, trauma, and bondage to a system that harms women. It addresses current concerns with new strategies for wellness and wholeness.

A Traditional Birth Companion (also known as a Traditional Birth Attendant) is recognised around the world as an experienced mentor who provides non-medical care for women during their childbearing experience according to the customs and traditions of the culture in which they live. In places around the world where it’s not illegal to be a midwife without a license, then this role is considered to be a non-medically trained community midwife. In places where midwifery is regulated, the role is more like having an experienced wise-woman with you who knows a thing or two about holistic pregnancy wellness, how birth unfolds, how to support the conditions that makes it simpler and safer, and provides mentoring so that the family becomes more educated, equipped, and empowered for the parenting journey ahead.

A Traditional Birth Companion operates within the traditions and culture in which she lives. We live in a technocratic culture where technology is at the top of the decision-making tree. That means that she provides non-medical support consistent with this paradigm by providing research-backed information and education relevant to conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting from several academic disciplines, including medical, psychological, sociological, midwifery, epidemiological, historical, and even military research."

~ Billie Harrington

A well-educated, trained, and skilled Companion can offer her community a variety of services.

  • holistic non-medical mentoring and education through prenatal visits, attending the birth, and postpartum care

  • childbirth education

  • fertility awareness and planning for conception

  • one-on-one consultations regarding pregnancy, birth, or postpartum concerns to help clients find and understand relevant research and support their decision-making process

  • knowledgeable peer support for processing previous births or birth-related trauma

  • help parents plan for a future pregnancy and birth according to their values and wishes

  • in-person or virtual visits for prenatal wellness

  • in-home care for the postpartum family

  • breastfeeding + parenting support

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