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The Orthodox Church

Over the years, I have seeked to find the ultimate spiritual path- trying to fill any leftover void in my heart and soul and achieve full faith in something bigger than I.  I have since found that people all over today's world are seeking the same - greater fulfillment and purpose that can only be filled by the one and true God. 

During this time of transition from material to spiritual, I have witnessed doors opening for all to choose a path - witch craft, paganism, various christian sects, nihilism, atheism and more.  

I have found that all the "things" people are seeking can be found in the Orthodox Church. All the answers are here. 

And from my personal experience - all the problems of the world (rejecting Christ and His church), can be solved by finding Him again. 

So in-so-much-as I would love to be your spiritual guru, I would actually just love to share with you my own spirit in Christ (through 1:1, group chats, workshops etc.) and direct you to find an Orthodox church and priest. :) 


Connect with Haley to talk all things Spiritual.

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