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What's Inside?


Learn how to assess your true why that is leading you to want "said goals."

Create a strong growth mindset and navigate learn how to develop your strengths all while conquering your weaknesses

Learn the importance of Routines, Journaling and the development of Intrinsic Motivation to create self-mastery, discipline and a mission driven drive. 


Learn how to move from the Standard American Diet into your desired location, whether that be Paleo, Keto or Carnivore.

Understand bio-hacking and which diet would be a strong recommendation in regards to common dis-eases, including obesity, diabetes, PCOS, chronic inflammation, common mental health struggles and more.

Learn how to navigate eating in social settings.

Movement & Lifestyle

Learn the basics of primal movement and importance of movement to maintain lifelong health. 

Learn why sleep is important and why creation and adventure is a key aspect to fulfillment and happiness.


Learn the benefits of fasting, who should and shouldn't fast, and how to implement fasting as a tool to help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to navigate fasting in social settings.


Learn the importance of protecting your mind, body and spirit.

Learn the importance of simplicity and how your outside world can reflect your internal existence.

Learn how to utilize almsgiving to instill a faithful and abundance mindset and spirit. 

Learn how to utilize different types of meditation and breath-work to restore mental health, do hard things, connect with the  soul,  and tap into our creative sources.

1:1 Coaching Calls

Receive weekly 1:1 Video Coaching calls with Coach Haley Morris to go over each topic.

During the call you will receive personalized coaching and mentoring to make sure your intentions and goals are achieved.

1. Mindset

2. Nourishment

3. Movement/Lifestyle

4. Fasting

5. Spirit


What's Inside?

Boudica Wellness Virtual Course +

Marketing & Sales

Learn How to Market and Sell Your Virtual Coaching Business

Developing Your Niche

Understanding Pain Points and Speaking to Your Ideal Client

Developing Your Social Media

"Business Card"

Content & Value Creation

Organic Marketing & Leads

Inbound and Outbound Cold Messaging


The Importance of Consistency

Forming Your LLC

Receipts & Taxes

Developing Contracts




The Art of Coaching

Learn How to Become and Maintain

the Art of Being the Best Coach

Learn the Importance of Check-ins and Coaching Calls into Your Practice and How to Implement Them

Certificate of Completion

Receive a Certificate of Completion stating that you completed the Boudica Wellness and Coaching Course.



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