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A "no bullsh**" approach to restoring your wellness and conquering your mind so that YOU can be and create the change you wish to see. 

Haley has developed a wellness system for women that not only makes you healthy and stronger, but also reprograms your mind to become undefeatable in every way! 

Here is what you've been told to do when trying to get physically well.

Calories in, calories out.

Eat less fat.

Avoid all carbs.

Do more cardio.

Count your macros.

Take these weight-loss pills.

Take more medication... etc

Here is what you've been told to do when trying to get mentally well.

Get a mental diagnosis.

Treat your "disorder" with antidepressants or other prescribed meds.

Go see a traditional therapist or psych to "talk you through" your issues and make questionable "liberating" life changes.

Do yoga, psychedelics or other unknown spiritual practices. 

But deep down, you know that restoring your wellness and conquering your mind in order to be and create change will take intention, time and effort.

You don't have to battle alone.

You don't believe in "quick fixes". But you'd love some help with;

Finding the right nutrition and fitness plan for yourself that makes you feel healthy, energetic, happy and alive.

Getting rid of the intrusive thoughts, addictions, and negative behavioral patterns holding you back from being the person you would like to become.

Finding the courage to be authentic and use your innate talents and skills in the world so you can make an impact on those around you in a way that creates a positive change. 

Become undeafeatable.

Getting started is easy…

  1. Book an Appointment 

    Book an Appointment with Haley to discover your unique armor in order to "unleash your inner warrior" becoming healthy, strong and undefeatable.

  2. Receive Your Battle Plan

            Once Haley has decided you're a good fit for her program, she will armor you with your unique battle plan, this includes nutrition, fitness and mindset tools to equip you for any battle life has in store for you.

  3. Slay the Dragon

        Once you have your battle plan - it's time to become the warrior you were meant to be.  You will have all the tools to continually restore your wellness, conquer your mind and be and create the change you wish to see whenever life comes to "knock you down."

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Boudica has one mission:

Provide you with the armor to restore your wellness and conquer your mind so that you can be and create the change you wish to see.

What Clients Say About Boudica

What do I believe Boudica is?

I believe Boudica to be a place of acceptance at any point in life and a chance to turn it for the better. Mentally, physically, and spiritually.

What problems do you solve for me? Physically: adapting my programs to fit my capabilities while still challenging/pushing me. Mentally: giving me challenges that I have to mentally find strength and desire with in to fight for myself.

What pulled me to Boudica/you?

Your resilience and dedication for yourself was a living testimony to for me to see and begin fighting for myself to develop completely into the person God is intending me to be through discipline and dedication in the program.

-Jacqueline Smith

My thoughts on Boudica are that it’s a safe place to talk about your goals, fears, failures, and growth. It has allowed me to go at my own pace without any judgement. Boudica has built not only physical strength for me, but mental, and spiritual strength as well. All around it is a healthy approach to working on yourself at your own pace, without any judgement and gossip. You as a coach have been very humble, honest, and loyal to me and that is something that money cannot buy. There are many reasons of what brought me to Boudica. I’ll list a couple as to why; One, the knowledge that is shared and how it is shared, It has always been showered with concern and care. (I will never forget how you explained to me/showed me how to get in a heavier barbell clean, and explaining what I was doing wrong with my deadlift form) when we were at the gym. Two, the friendship that has been built, I have been able to confide in you and trust you with some of my stressors of being a mother to a teenage daughter, that is going along with the ugly trends of this world. Thank you for listening and giving kind advice!


Part of My Story


Holistic Life Coach

Primal Health Coach

Fasting Coach

USAW Coach

Christian Mental Health Coach (Trauma-based)

Coffee Cup Counseling

Growing up I didn't realize how different my family really was.

I struggled at home and in school - fighting both sides for my own intrinsic value. At home, I never felt that I could be totally myself- and in school, although more of myself, I never felt a part of the societal norm.  It wasn't until later in life through all my ups and downs that I really understood that I grew up in a way that gave me some extreme advantages.

Some Background;

My parents were the first true entrepreneurs of their family.

My dad quit his factory j.o.b (just over broke) and started a lawn maintenance company, EarthPros (which I worked for starting at 15), while also learning a lot about profitable investments.

My parents were very into fitness (weights and MMA) and eventually started an MMA company when I was in early high school, Colosseum Combat (which I sang the national anthem for). 

Eventually they started homeschooling my siblings when I was a junior.  

And now, currently, my mom is an entrepreneur - running her own Realtor and property investment/management business, Gena Martin Realtor, for over 10 years now. 

Growing up, I spent a lot of time in nature and I worked harder than most kids (especially girls)- helping move wood into the house (dad loved to choose snow days for this, lol), picking up sticks in the yard, helping clean the house, truck, garage (nothing was quite good enough;), planting plants and trees, etc and eventually running a string trimmer and push mower for their landscaping company until I branched off on my own.

I heard these phrases a lot;


Leave it better than you found it

Walk it off

Do it right the first time

In high school I read two books my father gave me, "Dumbing us Down" and "Rich Dad Poor Dad" which I believe started not only some more internal rage about the state of the world (which fueled my desire to help change it), but also my love for reading and learning.

I didn't appreciate the tough love then (it consumed me in some terrible sinful ways for awhile), but I've grown to fully appreciate it and be thankful for it. 

It's through this type of upbringing and personal hardships and experiences, I was able to develop the internal and external tools to help others overcome their own lack of self worth and personal limitations to becoming a better human being and building something that can create an impact to help change the world. 

Since my upbringing and young adult life, I have experienced and overcome some more challenges;

Beating addictions (smoking, alcohol). 

Finding the true God (I experienced the darkness of New Age and have since came to Christ through the Orthodox Church). 

Overcoming the traumatic home birth and NICU experience of my son Justinian.

I pray I can help you too.

Past Businesses;

Driven Ventures

Haley's Holistic Life Coaching

The Living Garden & Juice Bar


Boudica Fitness

Creator Haley Morris

About Me
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